Why Vote Green in Manchester?

Manchester currently has no strong opposition. There are 93 Labour Councillors out of the total of 96, meaning that Labour have an unchallenged monopoly on our city.

Read on to find out why - however you normally vote in national elections - voting Green for Manchester makes sense. To find out more about our local manifesto and what Greens will do in Manchester once they're elected, read our manifesto.

Why is Manchester's Labour dominance a problem?

  • Research has shown that Councils with stronger oppositions provide better value for money than Councils with weaker ones.
  • Currently, Labour Councils find it hard to speak out for their area as that would mean going against their party leaders.
  • With Councillors being unable to affect what happens in their areas, it leaves a few people in the Town Hall making all the decisions.
  • As local areas don't have strong voices speaking out for their interests, decisions tend to be made in favour of the city centre. One example of this is the huge imbalance between parking enforcement in the city centre versus everywhere else. Many busy roads outside of the city centre also suffer from severe issues around parking.

Why are Greens the best opposition?

  • Unlike other parties, Green Councillors aren't told how to vote by their leader. This leaves them free to put the interests of their residents first.
  • The Green Party believes in giving more power to local areas. Green Councillors will always argue that local decisions should be taken at the most local area possible. The people of Manchester's wards and neighbourhoods know how best deal with local issues, not Town Hall bureaucrats.
  • Greens must work hard to get elected. We don't take our votes for granted and know that we must work hard for every single one.
  • Key issues facing Manchester are best met by the Greens. Whether it be the need for social housing or the need to tackle air pollution on a local level, the Greens are in the best position to push Labour to match its national rhetoric and do more locally.

Has this happened elsewhere?

Yes! Even just one Green can make a huge difference. Have a look at the Association of Green Councillors website for a huge list of positive, practical differences that Green councillors have made in their local communities.

Our Manifesto

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