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Manchester Greens celebrate best-ever general election result

Manchester Greens at the 2024 General Election count

Manchester Green Party will head into the summer with a spring in its step after it enjoyed fantastic results in last Thursday’s general election.

On a night which saw four Green MPs elected to parliament, the Green Party of England and Wales received over 30,000 votes in Manchester, retaining its deposits in all six of the city’s constituencies and finishing second in three constituencies.

The overall result was the Green Party’s best-ever result in a general election, and the best-ever general election result in Manchester Green Party’s history.

The full summary of how Greens did in Manchester is as follows:

Blackley and Middleton South: Dylan Lewis-Creser, 3,197, 10.2% (+8.2%)

Gorton and Denton: Amanda Gardner, 4,810, 13.2% (+10.7%)

Manchester Central: Ekua Bayunu, 6,387, 16.1% (+13.2%)

Manchester Rusholme: Thirza Asanga-Rae, 6,819, 23.5% (+19.2%)

Manchester Withington: Sam Easterby-Smith, 8,084, 19.4% (+15.4%)

Wythenshawe and Sale East: Melanie Earp, 4,133, 10.6% (+7.1%)

After a much-deserved summer break, Manchester Greens will begin preparing for the next set of local elections, where they hope to add to their three seats on Manchester City Council.